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b2b marketing LinkedIn Strategy

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy for B2B in 2022

It’s not a secret that LinkedIn has become the most effective tool when it comes to finding new prospects and customers for B2B. So that it’s vital to create a complete LinkedIn b2b marketing strategy that will boost brand awareness and generate leads eventually. 

Let’s expose how to do it right and how it can help brands.

Made a competitors research on LinkedIn

As always, a great b2b marketing strategy starts with analysis and this one is not the exception. Check how your competitors look on LinkedIn and make your own company page even better. Here is a brief checklist you should follow while analyzing: 

  • branding 
  • brand positioning and page description 
  • for what goals and audience they are using it 
  • testimonials page
  • do they have affiliated/showcase pages and what types 
  • are they using paid LinkedIn branding options to show “Life” page 
  • number of followers 
  • content types

Advice: start with 10 competitors. Use SEO tools to analyse their website and traffic sources. Put attention on social media traffic, mainly on LinkedIn. This will help you to understand what proportion of their marketing activities and budgets are earmarked for LinkedIn marketing strategy.  

A sample of IBM social media traffic per month on SimilarWeb. 

Define your audience and objectives/goals

Create an ICP (Ideal Customer Profiles) and focus all of your forthcoming content and ads efforts on these profiles. Identify what goals and expectations you have from the LinkedIn source. Here are some common marketing goals you can focus on:

  • Increasing LinkedIn Page following
  • Increase website traffic from LinkedIn
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate X leads per month

And others goals relevant to your business. 

Remark: your goals should be SMART and sound like “Increase website traffic from LinkedIn X2 by the end of 2022”. 

B2B content marketing strategy for LinkedIn

Start with keywords. Your B2B content marketing strategy should be focused on keywords and google trends research. 

Use Ahrefs SEO and free Google Adwords keyword planner tool to analyze competitors keywords and create your own list of low-frequency (volume) keys with low and middle difficulty.

Optimise your LinkedIn company page for search

Description. The next step in your B2B content marketing strategy is to insert related to your business  keywords and phrases that prospective clients might use to find your product or services. 

Add them in the company description field – “About” tab, highlight unique brand positioning, key facts and what you do. 

Links Building Strategy. Links are crucial for increasing your search ranking. Do not forget to link from your website to your LinkedIn page. Use links from C-level LinkedIn pages and directories. 

Content. Share relevant content at the right time and as often as you can. This will help your page to appear higher in search results and news feed. 

Also write articles on behalf of the CEO or other C-level persons of your company. Use it in your b2b link building strategy for LinkedIn. 

Use LinkedIn Campaign Manager 

Creating LinkedIn ads campaigns as part of the b2b marketing strategy is the fastest and the most accurate way to gain your business goals.

Check LinkedIn ads objectives you can be focused on:

It will be better and correct if all stages are completed under the marketing/sales ads funnel. Let’s focus on lead generation goals and tactics.

  1. Conversion types. You have 2 options: website conversion is when you direct customers to your website to take a certain action (fill the form, make a purchase, subscribe, etc) and the second option is Lead Generation form that helps to generate clients directly on LinkedIn. 

It’s up to you what channel to choose. Both work well! If the budget allows using lead generation & web conversions as LinkedIn ads objectives the best option in your b2b strategy.  

  1. Audience. Start with targeting an audience and then use remarketing campaigns and custom audience lists. 
  • Pick permanent locations where your potential customers are
  • Use b2b segmentation criteria such as “Company” and “Job Experience” and narrow by using specific audience data from your analisis. 
  • If you already have a customer list, upload it to your LinkedIn Manager and create a lookalike audience. This will help to work with “warm” leads and make a conversion even faster. 
  1. Ad format. Design the most conversional and viral creatives. Using “single image”, “carousel images” and “video ads” is your first priority. Short videos are the most winning in 2022. 

! You can try “Message ad” but it works slightly worse. 

  1. Set your budget and schedule
  2. Use proper links or create lead generating form on LinkedIn

Remarketing or retargeting campaigns are some of the best ads types. LinkedIn gives options for b2b companies to advertise their product or services in front of prospects who visited their website or page on LinkedIn. So do not forget to add retargeting campaigns to your content ads plan. Consider carefully what do you expect from prospects and design relevant creatives.


At the end of your LinkedIn marketing strategy for b2b plan your marketing budget. Measure the effectiveness of your spending. 

Get advanced with LinkedIn analytics

Check and optimise your page performance through LinkedIn analytics. Find out more about your followers and those who visit your page. Remember that in 2022 the number of followers is not a crucial indicator, people are likely to purchase your product without following your page. However you should always work on brand awareness and customer loyalty as they also affect profit margins.

Analyse ads performance in ​​LinkedIn Campaign Manager, create reports and make weekly updates. 

Level up your LinkedIn marketing strategy for b2b by following tips above and successful results won’t keep you waiting. You can also consider Paid Marketing Solution on LinkedIn for your next strategy updates. Well, back to that a little bit later.